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For over 20 years, Wagler Builders has offered premier general construction services to homeowners and business owners in the great Tri-State Area: Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. Our experienced and capable team specializes in the installation and repair of residential and commercial metal roofing.

Metal Roof Advantages

metal-roofMetal roofs have become a popular roofing option in the American Midwest. It’s really no surprise why. Metal roofs hold up well in the Midwest’s climate conditions, and they last for decades as well. Aside from their value in this region, metal roofs have many advantages which make them preferable for residential and agricultural building applications. They are also a solid choice for commercial roofing applications as well.

The Advantages of Metal Roofing

There are many advantages in general to having a metal roof installed on a home or agricultural or commercial building.

The Wagler Builders Difference

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Application- Other roofing materials perform well, but they will require replacement when their service life expires. Traditional roofing materials for homes, such as shingles, require tear-off and disposal. That leads to some big tear-off and disposal costs. On the other hand, metal roofs can be installed over existing roofs, which saves significantly on time and labor costs. Because they can be installed over already-installed roofing materials, metal roofs also don’t require the heavy tear-off and disposal expenses involved with other roofing materials.

Strength and durability- Putting it simply, metal roofs aren’t susceptible to decay, weathering, and other defects in the way that other roofing materials are. Metal roofs do not warp, split, rot, or crack. Their strong, durable, metallic body also makes them completely resistant to other causes of residential roofing problems, including mildew, termites, or pests. On the other hand, roofing products like shingles can be ruined from rotting, warping, cracking, or many other causes. In sort, with a metal roof you’ll be shelling out less money for the roof’s entire lifetime than you would likely be doing with a roof made from other materials.

metal-roof-buildingLife expectancy- Other traditional roofs don’t perform up to the same level that metal roofs do in terms of longevity. Many residential roofing materials have a short life expectancy, often ranging from 10-20 years. Traditional shingle roofs are known to last for 10-15 years, in particular. With proper maintenance and caretaking, though, a metal roof can last for decades. In fact, properly maintained residential or agricultural metal roofs have been known to last for 40-50 years, sometimes longer!

Weather resistance- When they’re properly installed, metal roofs will hold up better than any other roofing type in extreme weather. Metal roofing holds up well in conditions including: powerful, high-speed winds; severe hail outbreaks; snowfall and wintertime storms; and heavy rainfall or powerful thunderstorms. Because of the way they’re applied, shingles often don’t hold up well in storms with powerful wind gusts. Additionally, once a bad storm has passed through the area, it’s not unusual for them to have problems with leaks. More severe cases of weather can also compromise other types of roofing systems and their performance. In some cases, these other types of roof may even take on so much damage, they require a complete replacement.

Metal-roofing-contractors-iowaEnergy efficiency- Among other things, the sun actually can have an impact on how much energy a home or a building uses. How’s that the case? During the day, the sun’s overbearing, hot energy shines directly on a roof. The roof absorbs the energy from the sun. In turn, that allows heat to infiltrate into the home or building and makes its air conditioning system work harder to keep the interior space cool. Of course, how much energy the roof absorbs depends on the type of roofing system it is. Conventional roofing materials tend to absorb and retain heat, therefore putting stress on a home or building’s air conditioning system. Metal roofs, on the other hand, deflect much of the sun’s energy off a home or building, and therefore the home or building’s energy use tends to remain more conservative and stable.

Possible homeowner insurance benefits- Our metal roofing could benefit you in your homeowner insurance premiums. It’s best to check with your homeowner insurance provider, but you could receive discounts on your homeowner insurance premiums with impact-resistance metal roofing. For qualification, your metal material must be stamped by an approved manufacturer.

Product weight- Some roofing materials are quite heavy per unit. They can put stress on a home or building over time. After some years have passed, it can have an impact on the roof’s performance. In contrast, metal roofing has anywhere from one-tenth to one-half the weight of competing roofing materials. In turn, that translates into lower transportation costs for shipping metal roofing products (and therefore costs for the homeowner or business owner).

Aesthetics- One charge that’s levied against metal roofs is that they’re not designed on aesthetics. However, metal roofs actually can have great architectural appeal. Metal roofing is very versatile and can be adapted for a wide variety of aesthetic and structural concerns. In line with its commitment to customer satisfaction, Wagler Builders offers 19 diverse color options of metal roofing as well.

Interested in What a Metal Roof Can Do for Your Home or Building?

Metal roofs are great for

  • Homes
  • Churches
  • Barns & stables
  • Outbuildings & sheds
  • Machine shops
  • Livestock facilities
  • Commercial buildings

As a professional building services provider, Wagler Builders draws upon over 20 years of expertise. Our valued contractors have handled all manner of metal roofing needs. They’ll handle your roofing needs with attentiveness and capable expertise, as well.

On top of great service and workmanship, Wagler Builders understands the importance of using quality products. We use high-quality metal roofing products with a great track record from Central States Manufacturing, Inc. Our metal roofs are known for their exceptional lifecycles, lasting performance, strong durability, and energy efficiency.

Should you be interested in learning more about what a metal roof can do for you, give us a call at (641) 777-5000. We’ll be happy to share more details and give you a completely free roof estimate.