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For over 20 years, Wagler Builders has offered premier general construction services to homeowners and business owners in the great Tri-State Area: Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. Our experienced and capable team specializes in the installation and repair of residential and commercial metal roofing.

Renovation and Remodeling – Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri

improvement1Whether it’s building repairs or improvement contracting services, getting your home or building taken care of by several contractors can be a headache. Keeping track of who’s responsible for what, coordinating logistics and scheduling, making sure everything’s done… that can be a huge headache for any homeowner or property owner.

Because multiple contractors can sure be a hassle, doesn’t it make sense to trust all of your repair or remodeling needs to one capable expert? At Wagler Builders, we’ve been setting the bar for excellence in craftsmanship, hassle-free service, and customer needs-driven work completion for over 20 years. For your convenience, our professional construction services include home improvement and barn improvement services. We are a one-stop solution for customers in suburban settings or those in rural areas with sprawling sheds or buildings that need exterior renovating.

Renovation and Remodeling Services for the Tri-State Area

improvement2For our Tri-State customers, we perform a full range of home improvement services and barn enhancement services:

  • Composite and wood patio construction or repairs
  • Composite and wood deck construction or repairs
  • Metal siding installation and repair services for home and barns
  • Vinyl siding installation and repair services for homes and barns
  • Pergolas construction and repairs
  • Carports construction and repairs

We do offer a side option for expert window installation.

improvement3Aside from homes and barns, our seasoned building veterans can work on livestock barns, machine shops, churches, small offices, agricultural buildings, outbuildings, storage sheds, general purpose buildings, small rural-based airplane hangars, and more. We can easily accommodate any project regardless of size or demand, and all work done is set up to meet or exceed local building codes.

Why Is Home Improvement Valuable?

Home improvements do more than just increase a home’s attractiveness. Here’s some things some home improvement can do for your home and you:

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  • Increase your home’s market value
  • Can open up possibilities for tax benefits if you sell your home for a profit
  • Up your home’s curb appeal
  • Make your home more energy-efficient (when ENERGY STAR®-certified windows are installed)

So, exterior renovation services can have an impact on your home and your wallet.

Renovation Services Are Invaluable for Other Buildings, Too

The Wagler Builders Difference

  • 20+ year track record
  • Completely professional builders
  • Best-in-class workmanship
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction

Is your outbuilding, barn, shed, or small office starting to look a little weathered? Put our expertise to work and we’ll have it looking better than ever. Aside from aesthetics, your building will be better equipped to handle aging, weathering, or other deteriorating effects well. And you’ll be improving its market value, too.

Quality Assured

Wagler Builders is built upon the timeless business values of honesty, trustworthiness, and exceptional customer service. Our commitment to each customer’s unique needs runs deep.

You can count on Wagler Builders to give you expert advice and services at every step of the way. Our seasoned building professionals leverage over 20 years of construction experience for doing the best work every time. We also value the importance of your time and your satisfaction. We complete work according to your scheduling needs and within the swiftest time frame possible. Our worksite is immaculately clean at the end of every workday, and we keep you informed of what’s going on at all times.

improvement4Expert roofing services are available for homes, outbuildings, and small buildings as well, should you need them.

Your Needs in Good Hands

For exceptional service that is fast and reliable, give Wagler Builders a call. You won’t second-guess for one minute your choice to trust experienced professionals with your needs.